Pioneering Safety Technology Introduced for Heavy Vehicles on Mickleham Road Upgrade in Victoria

Australia’s first application of cutting-edge safety technology is now underway on the Mickleham Road Upgrade in Victoria, benefiting heavy vehicles working on the initial stage of the project.

Known as MAX-SAFE, this innovative technology has been integrated into select heavy vehicles involved in the road project. The primary goal is to reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities associated with heavy vehicle movements by introducing a state-of-the-art alert system.

The MAX-SAFE system incorporates automatic detection systems within these heavy vehicles, ensuring that operators inside the cabin are promptly notified when vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, cyclists, or scooter riders, are in proximity, particularly during left-hand turning maneuvers.

The advanced Side View technology, driven by artificial intelligence and smart cameras, is specially designed to identify specific vulnerable road users, making it capable of distinguishing them from other objects or obstructions.

In case a vulnerable road user is detected, electronic flashing lights and alarms will be activated both inside and outside the vehicle. This warning system provides heavy vehicle crews with vital alerts, enabling them to take preventive action and avoid any unforeseen collisions with vulnerable road users. Simultaneously, it also alerts those outside the vehicle to enhance overall safety.

This ground-breaking safety trial is the result of a collaboration between Major Road Projects Victoria, construction partner BMD, and SGESCO-MAX. Their joint efforts aim to explore novel ways of reducing safety incidents involving the public during construction. The performance and effectiveness of this new technology will be closely monitored and assessed.

Kelvin Doyle, the Area Safety Manager of Major Road Projects Victoria, emphasized that the MaxSafe technology is a significant step towards minimizing incidents around heavy equipment on construction sites. By partnering closely with BMD, they have developed this trial to provide critical audio and visual warnings to both vehicle operators and vulnerable road users outside the heavy vehicles.

This safety trial forms part of Stage One of the Mickleham Road Upgrade, which includes the addition of extra lanes in both directions between Somerton Road and Dellamore Boulevard, along with upgraded traffic lights, intersections, and improved walking and cycling connections.

Mickleham Road, stretching between Somerton Road and Dellamore Boulevard, is a vital arterial route, accommodating over 25,000 vehicles daily and serving Melbourne’s expanding north-west region.

The Victorian and Australian governments have jointly invested $222 million in the Mickleham Road Upgrade. The completion of Stage One is expected in mid-2025.