Victoria is leading the nation in planning and managing infrastructure projects by heading up the development of an Australian Building Information Modelling (BIM) Strategic Framework.

The framework was endorsed by the Board of Treasurers earlier this month, for proposed implementation by all state and territory governments across Australia.

The framework will standardise approaches to using BIM in the delivery and operation of major buildings and infrastructure – driving efficiency, value for money, productivity and innovation.

BIM enhances information management on infrastructure projects – allowing information to be shared across design, construction and operation to improve decision making.

Until now, there has been no policy framework on BIM at the national level – leading to significant inconsistency in the way state and federal governments consider and apply BIM.

Led by the Victorian and Queensland governments, in collaboration with the Australasian BIM Advisory Board, the new framework will remove these inconsistencies and better support the construction industry to deliver major projects.

Victoria and Queensland will now play leading roles in driving the framework’s implementation at both a state and national level – another example of how Victoria continues to lead the way when it comes to infrastructure delivery.

The Andrews Labor Government is investing in an unprecedented infrastructure program across Victoria – with a total of $107 billion of budget funded state capital projects commenced or underway.

The Labor Government’s infrastructure investment is expected to average $13.4 billion over the next four years, nearly triple the average of $4.9 billion a year from 2005‑06 to 2014‑15.